Peak weekends 2022

Due to the relaxtion of COVID guidelines we are making some changes to the way you book your visit to Funplex.

We will no longer be operating fixed sessions and instead you will be booking an approximate arrival time - this will allow us to plan better and also help to ensure that you get a table when you arrive in busy periods!

To help we have introduced hourly arrival times, but dont worry we wont hold you to them!

We will also not be closing during the day so you can stay as long as you want, as in the 'old' days  - subject to capacity issues when we may ask you to leave after 90 minutes (but this is very infrequent!)

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These booking times are to enable us to understand your indicative time of arrival and NOT the time allowed for you to stay at Funplex.  We will be reverting to the old unlimited sessions with the only caveat being that when we are at full capacity we may ask you to leave after 2 hours.  This is to enable as many as people to come to Funplex as possible.

It is very unlikely that we will have to impose these but would ask for your coperation if indeed we have to.

We are doing this so that we can manage the number of people in the building and continue to offer a COVID secure environment .

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